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BellyRubbers, LLC is a Black-owned catering company that was established in 2020. Our aim is to offer a wide variety of flavorful, decadent dishes that people will remember for years to come, all of which were inspired by two Tampa-based chefs. Food that is so delicious that customers want to, well, rub their bellies. 


We cater to a wide range of events, including romantic dinners, gorgeous weddings, gameday parties, business gatherings, and everything in between. Our calendars fill up quickly, so don't hesitate to get in touch with us ahead of time to ensure the best availability. 



Doug has been preparing incredible delicacies for 20 years, hailing from Miami, FL via the Bahamas. His passion for cooking began at home when he assisted his family in the preparation of different dishes.


He also got the opportunity to study in places like Italy and South Africa. With his Caribbean upbringing, he always takes the time to cook each dish with a lot of flavor and love.

"No matter what you make, whether it's a PB&J or a filet mignon, make it with love," Doug says.

Douglas Rolle

April Campbell

Amazing dishes have been produced by Chef April Campbell over the past 24 years. From her humble beginnings in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, April was influenced by a number of people who helped shape her life and create the wonderful chef she is today. being surrounded by cuisines from other cultures all the time. She grew raised surrounded by historically significant food in Philadelphia, which always piqued her interest to the point that she just wanted to eat. Her training under amazing cake decorators and pastry chefs began as soon as she had her culinary arts degree from Johnson and Wells University. The more she loved to cook, the more she came to understand that it was a business, not just an art. Her need for knowledge didn't end there.


She spent the necessary time learning about the business of the food sector, and is currently the owner and CEO of Belly Rubbers LLC. April creates stunning dishes with enthusiasm because it is what she loves to do. Additionally, she has gathered 18 people that are passionate about what they do and enjoy catering in order to assist others in making lifelong memories.

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